Our son, Joshua Contreras has been training with Jacob Pinto for the last 2 months, what a difference & improvement we’ve seen. Jacob’s keen eye for perfection & persistence are traits that make him the top instructor, mentor & worldwide winner that he is. His focus and tenacious drive have inspired our son to limitless heights. We are excited to see that above it all, Jacob is a very humble & loving kid that genuinely cares for his students. Three words come to mind with Jacob: Extreme, Flawless & Wow factor! He looks at everything, choreography, form & implements his mark & style!

When are definitely, honored to be part of the Jacob Pinto Family. We highly recommend Jacob if your goal is to develop a winner with a winning attitude!

The Contreras Family


I like when I get to have my private lesson with Jacob Pinto. He makes my lesson fun and teaches me cool forms to do in tournaments and also how to use my pink Bo Staff and my Kamas. Jacob’s the best. I have trained with him since I was 3 years old, and I am now 7. I have won first place titles in my divisions with Jacob’s help preparing for my tournaments. Thank you, Jacob!

Gabby Perce


Jacob is an amazing young man. Anyone can see he is a phenomenal performer, but as a parent of a competitive martial artist, when I look for a coach, I have to look for someone who will take a deep personal interest in my kid both during and after a lesson is over. For Jacob, he always has the same high level of passion, enthusiasm and encouragement for all his students. I love it; he gives Kieran a private pep talk right before he competes. When Jacob is ring-side watching Kieran perform, his arms are raised and he always has the loudest cheers. At that moment, there is no doubt that he is his biggest fan. Win or lose, he is there to give high-fives, a hug and a few encouraging words. There isn’t a price you can put on that because it is genuine. I honestly could not ask for more.

Patrick Tamondong

(Kieran's Dad)


Asking Jacob to be the forms coach for my son Zach is the best decision we ever made. I am a school owner and have ties to many top-notch athletes, but Jacob’s style is unmatched. Jacob has helped instill that “over-the-top” performance aspect in Zach. Aside from coaching, Jacob has developed a big brother relationship with Zach. Their “off the mat” relationship has become much more powerful than Jacob simply being a forms coach. Jacob is a great teacher and an even better person. I highly recommend him!

TJ Thomas

(Zach's Dad), Wichita Airstrike Martial Arts


We have owned and operated a Martial Arts School in Fillmore, CA for more than 20 years. We love being able to offer our students the opportunity to train with Jacob Pinto. He is not just a martial artist; he brings so much diversity to each seminar he teaches at our school. Jacob has taught our team extreme martial arts forms and weapons – and when we say weapons we mean WEAPONS! Not just one weapon, Jacob has an amazing talent with just about any weapon he puts in his hands. He has taught us Kamas, Bo Staff, Single Sword and Double Sword! We have not had an opportunity to come across any other Martial Arts Athlete who could offer all these weapons skills to our students. Aside from weapons, Jacob has spent many hours training our team in “tricking.” Jacob takes his time breaking down each motion for our students and works with them one on one doing flips, flash kicks, and any other extreme move you can imagine, Jacob can do it. Our students and parents absolutely love it when Jacob trains their kids and teens. He is not only a truly amazing Martial Artist, but a positive role model with a big heart who takes the time to relate to each and every one of his students. We cannot say enough about Jacob. We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to train and get to know Mr. Jacob Pinto. Thank you, Jacob, from all of us at Perce’s Kenpo Karate Studio.

Paul and Toni Perce

Owners/Instructors, Perce's Kenpo Karate